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ADT has a fundamental belief that everyone has the right to feel safe. That’s why they pursue the best protection for every kind of life. ADT develops products and services that protect people and the things they value not just in and around the home, but wherever they go. It’s also why ADT no longer considers themselves a home security solution, but rather, a human protection platform.

ADT's innovation is driven by their humanity.

Their focus on constant innovation has allowed ADT to maintain leadership in the smart home security category. This allows them to protect new and different audiences with fresh mindsets and expectations. At the same time, ADT’s traditional audiences need to know that their protection is still leading the category.

By humanizing their brand, ADT is shifting how they describe themselves from their competitors. Instead of being referred to as a Home Security Provider they are the Human Protection Platform that creates impactful emotional connections whenever they can.

ADT’s re-brand involved modernizing and humanizing their brand while maintaining tradition. Thus, allowing them to attract younger customers as well as maintaining their current client base.

Brand Voice

Despite what you may have seen in the past, ADT is not out to scare you into buying home protection. Instead, they want people to know that they are here to help keep them safe, to protect them and everything they love. They are all about preserving the beautiful things that make life worth living, so their tone is very human. Honest and approachable. Relatable and conversational.

The execution for the new brand's voice needed to speak across multiple platforms such as digital ads, direct mail pieces and internal documents.


A big part of ADT’s re-brand involved creating a system of icons. These icons were created as a quick way to describe products and services ADT offers. Each icon would be built with simple shapes inside of a grid with even stroke weight all around.

The goal of ADT’s iconography is to represent their brand by enhancing usability and familiarity as well as improving the designs of each digital or print piece.


Proper use of photography is crucial for any brand’s success. Since ADT’s message speaks to the individuals and things they want to protect, It was imperative to utilize photography that felt genuine so that the rebrand came across as human. To keep the brand voice authentic, their images had to mirror everyday life and always feel relatable. The subjects in focus needed to be fluid, natural and realistic.

By capturing the authentic stories from a diverse range of real people, ADT’s re-brand weaves a colorful quilt of unique and relatable stories of who and what ADT protects.


The new, humanized brand required, well… humans! The team at Bear in the Hall created a large assortment of video content that featured ADT’s products and services in a realistic way while being witty and fun. The videos would then be featured on social media as well as commercials on TV & Youtube. ADT even asked the team to create a Super Bowl spot to introduce their new brand. 

The Super Bowl spot was created in 36 hours and featured the Scott Brothers. The spot earned over a billion media impressions with over 40 mentions on news sites.